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Friday, April 13, 2018


"Gassing civilians is unacceptable" according to democratic leaders.

I'm led to believe that these people find killing humans through more conventional means, bombs and bullets IS acceptable. Because, so far, they have not reacted, but once poison gas is mentioned they are mobilising.

I must've lost a meeting with civility...since when did the act of taking a life is secondary to the means used? You just bomb them or shoot them in the back-it's OK, but sarin gas or chlorine gas?

Same with someone throwing a hand grenade to the other side, and the other side replies with a barrage of rockets...."The analogy of the response was disproportionate" is their jargon.

They put a price on everything. Unfortunately, the price they put on human life is too low...

Well I hope you live long now, I pray the lord your soul to keep
I think I'll be going before we fold our arms and start to weep
I never thought for a moment that human life could be so cheap

'Cos when they finally put you in the ground
I'll stand on your grave and TRAMP THE DIRT DOWN

"Tramp The Dirt Down"     (ELVIS COSTELLO)

History is short, the sun is just a minor star
The poor man sells his kidneys in some colonial bazaar
Que sera sera
Is that your new Ferrari car
You don't have to be a Jew to disapprove of murder
Tears burn my eyes
Moslem or Christian, Mullah or Pope
Preacher or Poet, who was it wrote
Give any one species too much rope
and they'll fuck it up...
"Too Much Rope"                 (Roger Waters)

Friday, March 2, 2018


So you think the majority of politicians are smart people?
Actually the majority of politicians are conniving halfwits and unless they take and publish IQ tests, I can't be arsed to spoil my Sunday plans for a trip to a polling station...

Consider this...if the Turkish Cypriots demand to share the spoils of the natural gas that exists in the Greek Cypriot "zone" of the Cypriot EEZ, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the bi-zonality terms of the sought after solution?
Just a question from a the conniving halfwits from both sides.

When you plan politics it is important, if not crucial, to take into consideration the factor of TIMING.
Maybe the timing is wrong for a solution to the Cyprob?
What with the despicable dictatorial NeoSultan Erdogan who is slowly (but surely) descending into the realm of madness.
The most half assed coup in the history of the world...we're still laughing are asses off all the way to Kingdom Come.

And then a few days ago...          
"She has a Turkish flag in her pocket. If she becomes a martyr,
inshallah, we will drape the flag on her. She is ready for everything" 
Deranged Tyrant Erdogan

Well, why don't you strap a bomb on her fragile chest, while you're at it you scum-of-the-earth, and shove her all the way to Afrin... you scumbag...

If this is not the "sign of a madman losing his control" (Demon)......
After the dogs have feasted on what is left of his flesh (that has been previously ripped off by his own people), that would be the right timing (I categorically deny fandom to horror movies). Historically, most dictators had the same fate...

"History repeats the old conceits
  the glib repeats the old defeats
  keep your finger on important issues
  with crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues"

"Beyond Belief"          (ELVIS COSTELLO)

"Madman Across The Water" includes one of the best songs Elton John has written. "Tiny Dancer"...but the geographic madman across the water,  the world can do without. And all we can do is await for his inevitable demise...

"Someday even grey walls crumble
  And every idol ever raised falls"

"Ashes To Ashes"        (STEVE EARLE)


                                         Revisit the mighty leader's song...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Album of the Year

MOUNT EERIE "A Crow Looked At Me"

There have been many albums about loss but none like this. Phil Elverum who mostly lives and creates "far from the madding crowd" like a hermit, lost his wife Genevieve to pancreatic cancer.
Instead of describing the pain (like others do) he just recollects vignettes of his life together with Genevieve or sends shivers down the spine when he comes across one of her personal everyday items, like a toothbrush...
The LP lulls you into its world and you are teetering on the thin line between cold reality and perpetual trance-like grief. Plaintive vocals and spare guitar.
Phil is now raising their little daughter and the memory of his partner still lingers in the air, the sunshine, the rain, the fog...

Sweet kid, we were watched and followed and I thought of Genevieve
Sweet kid, I heard you murmur in your sleep
"Crow" you said
"Crow" I asked
"Are you dreaming about a crow?"
And there she was...

EXQUIRLA "Para Quienes Aun Viven"

One of the outstanding european bands, Toundra (Spain) team up with flamenco singer Nino de Elche to form Exquirla, a project that creates a new direction in progressive rock, passionate, modern and yet, primordial at the same time. Exquirla is nothing less than exquisite...


Heavy Blues Almighty, Amen! Classic heavy rock with flourishes of psychedelia from Norway. On this second album they have tapped on newfound potential which bodes well for the future. Astonishing LP and "These Are Old Hands" is a monster...

SUN KIL MOON "Common As Light And Love Are Red
                                Valleys Of Blood"

Mark Kozelek has definitely found his voice in recent years.
His unique stream-of-consciousness lyrics and rat-tat-tat delivery is unmistakeable an, at times, chilling...

ROGER WATERS "Is This The Life We Really want?"

The question is : "Is this the production to a Waters LP we really want?" What a terrible choice for a producer. Godrich may have worked wonders for Radiohead but this is Roger Waters. Totally different class! Don't get me wrong, Radiohead are good but do not belong in the Pink Floyd stratosphere. Lazy production has turned great songs into merely good ones. Washes of synth strings sound cheap and undeveloped. FX that have already been worked to death in the past. So much for originality Mr Godrich...
Lay Down Jerusalem (If I Had Been God) became Deja Vu and reduced to a dwarf and, if you're familiar with the full poem "Is this
the life we really want?" which is epic in its scope and length...well,
I cringe at it's final duration. I shall refrain from discussing absent
guitar solos. A potentially stunning album reduced to Good LP
status all because (with Waters' consent) the producer "didn't like
his or that bit". Maybe he has a short attention span and can't
follow a 12 minute song. Maybe he don't like guitar solos. Maybe
Mr Godrich doesn't agree with great moments in music history...


This LP is heavily influenced by Rebecca's experiences of pregnancy and the premature birth of her child. Glad to hear that she has moved away from her previous more "pop" direction to make this album which, despite its minimal instrumentation shows a great depth once the listener immerses into this masterful singer/songwriter's world.

ARRAYAN PATH  "Dawn Of Aquarius"

I know the boys in the band personally. This is their 6th album. What I'm trying to say is I could've included any of their previous releases in my year-end list. I did not, I'm not biased (I think)...
There is so much fake passion, overblown posturing, pompous
mediocrity and inane lyrical approach in metal these days. Arrayan Path have progressively reached the pinnacle of their career. They are seasoned musicians making mature music. This album will reveal more with each listening session. Musically it sounds effortless. Lyrically it makes sense storywise but the words are
placed in such a way that they become weapons in frontman's
Nicholas Leptos' armoury. He bites on them, chews them up
and spits them out -dead- on the pavement. One of the greatest
vocalists in metal music today. This album shows that strong
melody is still relevant to power metal. This album has the
character to devour your senses with its haunting melodies.
Nicholas once told me that he would like Arrayan Path to be
remembered by its haunting melodies, well, my friend, I think
you and your cohorts have achieved it!
Kudos to all involved. Bravo! (although I doubt you will be
knighted by her Majesty) Well done Pitch Black Records too...


The Lovell sisters excel whether it is stunning renditions of blues standards or striking new compositions, all delivered with the urgency of a garage band. Gritty vocals from Rebecca and gripping lapsteel guitar from Megan, these girls are going places...


Walker, a little known blues rocker based in Germany, has been kicking about since the 90's. Accomplished songwriting and stirring musicianship feature in one of the unnoticed gems of the year. I think was only released electronically.

 GRETA VAN FLEET "From The Fires"EP & "Black Smoke          

Young exciting band, sort of like a "baby Zeppelin". They released
two EPs in 2017. They will be massively huge by 2020. If they can keep their feet on the ground...


The legend that is Sir Douglas Raymond Davies (The Kinks), from his 2017 solo LP "Americana".
Great songwriters never fade...they just get better with age.

                                    "Maybe I'm missing something but I'm too blind to see
                                      She settled for someone who isn't too hard to please
                                      Where is the poetry?"

Tuesday, February 14, 2017




I do have a soft spot for Gorecki's Symphony No3 and this bold and
radical reinterpretation by saxophonist Colin Stetson is a risk well
taken. A piece written for a 60 piece orchestra is tackled by a 12
player ensemble featuring Stetson's sister mezzo soprano Megan
and members of Arcade Fire and Liturgy among others. This remarkable meditation on sorrow and loss is updated by Stetson in an exquisite and RESPECTFUL way.

"The Ghosts of Highway 20" (LUCINDA WILLIAMS)

LW has never made a bad album in her career. Not even a mediocre one. Awash with vivid storytelling and, oh, the best guitar work recorded in 2016. Bill Frisell and Greg Leisz create ghostly soundscapes that invigorate Lucinda's evocative songs.

*Check also LW's song heart wrenching "I'm Crying" on the soundtrack of "Free State of Jones". Not included on the album.

"Folklore"  (BIG BIG TRAIN)

British band's best do far. A work of beauty, prog rock that is soulful, accomplished, mysterious and instantly classic...

"Pearls to Swine" (ADAM TORRES)

Where Torres resurfaces after 11 years in the wilderness and captivates with his songwriting and voice...


Brazilian wonderkid Gustavo santiago, at 17, composed, arranged,
produced and played on this fascinating prog album in a masterful way that belies his age. Released only electronically it has remained underground and the question, I guess, is, hasn't anybody signed him yet?

"Acid Crusher/Mount Swan" (EARTHLESS/HARSH TOKE)

No one does heavy psych space jams better than EARTHLESS.
Guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, drummer Mario Rubalcaba and bassist Mike Eginton have spearheaded the burgeoning heavy psych scene of San Diego which includes exciting bands like Harsh Toke, Joy and Sacri Monti...

"Skeleton Tree" (NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS)

The expression of loss. In the powerful, atmospheric, eloquent and poetic way of Cave...


Magnificent, focused, powerful. Offers unusually poetic lyrics for a post black metal album, acute songwriting and fabulous guitar work. Another one born out of pain?

"You Want It Darker" (LEONARD COHEN)

No sentimentality in this choice. As you can see Bowie doesn't make my list. Even to his last album he has managed to remain sexually spiritual. And his eternal search to understand the existence of a God reaches an end. In the past he has been eloquently sarcastic, here he is venomously sarcastic. I think he reached his conclusion before he passed away...

"Sacri Monti" (SACRI MONTI)

Another from the exciting San Diego scene. Solid debut...


HOKA is a call to action (I think), Nakho having Puerto Rican, Apache and Filipino blood running through his veins. The music has changed probably to accommodate the band and it's very successful concerts. Politically poetic and upbeat...

"Feathers & Flesh" (AVATAR)

Concept : An Owl takes on the world. One of the most musically inventive bands in Metal...

"Pretty...Slow" (FUCK) vinyl

With all the big name re-issues of the year (Pink Floyd etc) this little gem of lo-fi indie americana from 20 years ago deserves to be
discovered by a new generation or the ones who missed it first time around when it was released in a handmade clamshell box with various tidbits thrown in along the CD. A long lost gem...

SONG OF THE YEAR  : "The Eagle Has Landed" (AVATAR)

Thursday, December 8, 2016


For the past year I've been busy producing and promoting the music of a new singer/songwriter- Arda. We have created an organic, warm, indie folk/rock album with pop overtones. The album
has garnered some very good reviews overseas and international airplay.

Arda & the Stolen Moon will be playing some gigs. You should check them out....

Friday, June 24, 2016


You cannot really criticise the Britons for voting the way they did (not just because of the way democracy works). There will be good and bad repercussions. And it is in the hands of dimwit politicians to manage whether the good outweighs the bad.
But with words like: "We have won our independence back", one really wonders whether IQ (as well as EQ) tests should be mandatory for all politicians. Try your luck in a globalised economy and let's see how independent you can be...

Of course, you can't blame them for criticising the EU for the beaurocratic ways and decision making.
Everybody knows they suck big time. For example, in this country, the EU funds cooking TV shows
to promote multiculturalism. As if what lies between me and my fellow human being is a bowl of borscht or a plate of chicken Moo Goo Gai Pan. A fool and his money is soon parted...

Or, for example, the decision to leave out of the EU 2 million migrants (mostly Syrian) but let in 80 million Turks. Nonsensical...

Meanwhile, "the bleeding hearts and artists make their stand" (RW)...

Sunday, April 24, 2016


More than 160 "leaders" and their countries are to sign a historic climate change deal that will SAVE THE PLANET!!!!

Well, well, well...
These half-assed dimwits whose bleeding hearts are dripping GMO blood will save the planet!

No, they don't! The planet doesn't need to be saved. The human race needs to be saved. The planet will be here long after humans have gone. Nature will swallow us and spit out the bits it does not and
cannot use. Then, it will regenerate itself as it has done for millennia, with or without US.

Save the planet, my ass. Herculean humans, show-me-where-to-stand-and-I-shall-move-the-earth-humans.
This planet ain't doomed, humans are...
And then,  maybe another spaceship will crash on this planet and a couple of horny male aliens will survive.
Well, you know they are not going after the giraffe...(climb up and kiss, climb down and f**k, climb up and kiss, climb down and f**k). It's just not practical. They'll go after the monkey...and that is how SOME (not all) monkeys will evolve into humans and f**k it all up again...
History works in cycles, right?

We do not belong here
This planet was a terrarium
Seven billion bastards
Screaming for their Daddy

Darwin tried explaining it
Darwin did the best he could
Evolution, pretty theory
But how could Darwin know

That aliens came and f****d the monkey

                                                                     "No Missing Link"      (DAN BERN)