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Tuesday, February 14, 2017




I do have a soft spot for Gorecki's Symphony No3 and this bold and
radical reinterpretation by saxophonist Colin Stetson is a risk well
taken. A piece written for a 60 piece orchestra is tackled by a 12
player ensemble featuring Stetson's sister mezzo soprano Megan
and members of Arcade Fire and Liturgy among others. This remarkable meditation on sorrow and loss is updated by Stetson in an exquisite and RESPECTFUL way.

"The Ghosts of Highway 20" (LUCINDA WILLIAMS)

LW has never made a bad album in her career. Not even a mediocre one. Awash with vivid storytelling and, oh, the best guitar work recorded in 2016. Bill Frisell and Greg Leisz create ghostly soundscapes that invigorate Lucinda's evocative songs.

*Check also LW's song heart wrenching "I'm Crying" on the soundtrack of "Free State of Jones". Not included on the album.

"Folklore"  (BIG BIG TRAIN)

British band's best do far. A work of beauty, prog rock that is soulful, accomplished, mysterious and instantly classic...

"Pearls to Swine" (ADAM TORRES)

Where Torres resurfaces after 11 years in the wilderness and captivates with his songwriting and voice...


Brazilian wonderkid Gustavo santiago, at 17, composed, arranged,
produced and played on this fascinating prog album in a masterful way that belies his age. Released only electronically it has remained underground and the question, I guess, is, hasn't anybody signed him yet?

"Acid Crusher/Mount Swan" (EARTHLESS/HARSH TOKE)

No one does heavy psych space jams better than EARTHLESS.
Guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, drummer Mario Rubalcaba and bassist Mike Eginton have spearheaded the burgeoning heavy psych scene of San Diego which includes exciting bands like Harsh Toke, Joy and Sacri Monti...

"Skeleton Tree" (NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS)

The expression of loss. In the powerful, atmospheric, eloquent and poetic way of Cave...


Magnificent, focused, powerful. Offers unusually poetic lyrics for a post black metal album, acute songwriting and fabulous guitar work. Another one born out of pain?

"You Want It Darker" (LEONARD COHEN)

No sentimentality in this choice. As you can see Bowie doesn't make my list. Even to his last album he has managed to remain sexually spiritual. And his eternal search to understand the existence of a God reaches an end. In the past he has been eloquently sarcastic, here he is venomously sarcastic. I think he reached his conclusion before he passed away...

"Sacri Monti" (SACRI MONTI)

Another from the exciting San Diego scene. Solid debut...


HOKA is a call to action (I think), Nakho having Puerto Rican, Apache and Filipino blood running through his veins. The music has changed probably to accommodate the band and it's very successful concerts. Politically poetic and upbeat...

"Feathers & Flesh" (AVATAR)

Concept : An Owl takes on the world. One of the most musically inventive bands in Metal...

"Pretty...Slow" (FUCK) vinyl

With all the big name re-issues of the year (Pink Floyd etc) this little gem of lo-fi indie americana from 20 years ago deserves to be
discovered by a new generation or the ones who missed it first time around when it was released in a handmade clamshell box with various tidbits thrown in along the CD. A long lost gem...

SONG OF THE YEAR  : "The Eagle Has Landed" (AVATAR)

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